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 Hey Morons,Get Active!!!!

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Hey Morons,Get Active!!!! Empty
PostSubject: Hey Morons,Get Active!!!!   Hey Morons,Get Active!!!! Icon_minitime2011-04-24, 21:35

Hey guys I just noticed that we have had less forum activity this month so go and get more active in the forum.
One of our mods,Xargos has been posting his rp and stories in our forum and their getting alot of views from visitors to the forum.

Updates :Because of a certain two-tailed kitsune fox
being a slacker,I made a Logo for April 2011.

Signatures:I'll be making signatures for our Mods and Admins.
My surprise for Kyle The Fox is in production at the moment and yes it's an awesome signature.
Fixed up the spectrum for the site now it's windows themed
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Hey Morons,Get Active!!!! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hey Morons,Get Active!!!!   Hey Morons,Get Active!!!! Icon_minitime2011-04-24, 22:57

*stops spinning his tails and falls face-first* Had a problem with my thumbdrive, plus the logo kinda sucked as well. I've got some nifty sprite sheets I can work with, but regardless, off for the night, Happy Easter. Yo.

And... a signature? FOR ME?! Oh my god. Can't wait for it!
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Hey Morons,Get Active!!!!
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