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 Beating around the damn bush...

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Beating around the damn bush... Empty
PostSubject: Beating around the damn bush...   Beating around the damn bush... Icon_minitime2011-06-10, 15:44

Well, long story short, the banner isn't finished. YET!

I've been beating around the bush, trying make things as original as possible, but I'm gonna abandon that tactic for now and get this banner done. I'll be off for the weekend. It'll be up then.

- Kyle the Fox

P.S. - Another note, a line of pictures will be posted throughout the Summer as my personal tribute to edtropolis from deviantART. His work are inSANE. Check them out here: http://edtropolis.deviantart.com/

Ok, now that this update's up... Buh-bai!
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Beating around the damn bush... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Beating around the damn bush...   Beating around the damn bush... Icon_minitime2011-06-11, 00:53

Very Happy i've been watching that guy for a good while.. but ya his artwork is epic.. by the way.. Seiki has kids now.. so Seiki is the momma and Juro is the papa,, the twins names are Leta and Liba.. heres the story: http://roninhunt0987.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d3i0ps6

plus if you want to see some cute stories.. check these out...

http://roninhunt0987.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d3gtc9h (note: this is when Seiki was three years old at the time)

http://roninhunt0987.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d3gtfh8 (note: this is when Seiki was 5 years old and had her first experience of getting a broken arm and leg and also her adopted brother Dustin(which belongs to my friend on DA KedingPrower) was adopted after when seiki was 5 and also saw the whole thing happen and etc)
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Beating around the damn bush...
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