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 Random Epicness!

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PostSubject: Random Epicness!   Random Epicness! Icon_minitime2011-06-21, 00:03

Though Kyle The Fox has officially left Roblox, he still remains here......
anyways, here are two GIFs made by me personally
Random Epicness! V12rqE
Random Epicness! BH80bq
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PostSubject: Re: Random Epicness!   Random Epicness! Icon_minitime2011-06-22, 12:36

I have even MORE bad news...

Since I've returned to deviantART, I'll be on the forums CONSIDERABLY less. So Flairx, if you wanna find me, get an account there. Here's my account when you find it: http://ktf952.deviantart.com/

See ya. *spins his tails and hovers*

- Kyle the Fox
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Random Epicness!
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