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 This is for the record...

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This is for the record... Empty
PostSubject: This is for the record...   This is for the record... Icon_minitime2011-07-21, 17:03

Putting the recent events aside, I'm going on vacation soon. Gonna take some photos and get some sprites done along the way. I'm actually kind of thrilled I left dA. My look (I'm staying as a two-tailed fox, I'm talking about clothing) can be whatever! When I return from vacation, I'm going to start a comic series I've been holding back for a few months (the script is nearly done, I can't wait to start it. x3) Here's the main cast.


Flairx the Hedgehog
Kyle the Fox (me)
Tabuu the Echidna
Cici the Hedgecat*


Ruxis the Hedgehog
Telamon the Hedgehog
Violet the Bat*

* - Will be explained when I get back.

In-comic bios will be put up when I get back as well. x3

Unfortunately, there are NO remaining spots left, the cast has been CONFIRMED.

Hope you've all enjoyed your Summer so far! Expect the comic series (there will be like 50-60 comics) WHEN I get back! As well as a few others. x3

- Kyle the Fox

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This is for the record...
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