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McLeodGaming Pokemon UB Good Doctor Media, supporter of everything gamers love
Hello World!
KT Studios Custom Spriters - Portal Icon_minitime2013-07-02, 01:53 by FlairxTheHedgehog
Heya Guys. Been a while since the last update post,l hasn't it?
About a year, maybe more...ANYWAY, We're bringing the site back and better than ever!! ^-^
How so? I have no idea, so it'll all be on the fly right off the top of my head.
Stick around if any of you still remember your passwords because

-Flairx The Hedgehog in the flesh!

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Pre-Spring Updates V.3
KT Studios Custom Spriters - Portal Icon_minitime2012-04-03, 13:52 by FlairxTheHedgehog
Well....I have good news and bad news.... alright Good News: Tomorrows Updates Will be EPIC!!!! Bad News : You peeps are super inactive , best thing we can do is promote the site more! So tell your friends!!!! I'll also be adding another forum topic, that new users / spriters might like

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Updates Galore!
KT Studios Custom Spriters - Portal Icon_minitime2012-02-15, 16:37 by FlairxTheHedgehog
bounce bounce bounce Yay !!! Updates are here and you don't wanna miss out on what we have in store for you at the site this month.
1.) More Categories (Also two additions to the DeviantArt Category )
2.) RP( WOOT )
2.) MineCraft! You can now post anything minecraft related in the new category!
Well don't sit here reading this! Go and hit the forums.
This will be the last update for at …

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All Right Christmas!!@
KT Studios Custom Spriters - Portal Icon_minitime2011-12-14, 10:41 by FlairxTheHedgehog
Yippie! im completely excited christmas is just a week away!!!!
anyways I'll be back on YouTube at the end of the week that goes for dA as well Very Happy
Since I won't be using the KT Studios YouTube Channel for a while i'll need a little help
I'm also running the YT channel for Sonic Advance 2 HD
and no im not gonna spoil it and give you all a peek at the release date. not like its close anyway.....

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Many Many changes!
KT Studios Custom Spriters - Portal Icon_minitime2011-11-13, 00:29 by FlairxTheHedgehog
Ok we've got a total of two forums now.
I'm running this one now and Kyle is running the other.
So I'm going to re-modernize this site, so that means:

• More comparability with the mobile version

•New Ranking System

• Permanent Site theme ( finally decided )

• Aaannnd less updates after this one!!!!

Demotion or Removal:
Ok what really would like to speak about is the new ranking …

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New forum?!
KT Studios Custom Spriters - Portal Icon_minitime2011-11-07, 13:34 by Krazy-KitsuneX
Attention members, fans, friends. This is the two-tailed spritin' fool!

I have made a new forum that's under my command! Leave this behind and join mine. *spins his tails and hovers*


See ya all there!!

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Bye Bye KT Studios
KT Studios Custom Spriters - Portal Icon_minitime2011-10-14, 12:49 by FlairxTheHedgehog
Due to the huge inactivity and the fact the Kyle is officialy leaving the site, im changing the name and everything
else....so its gonna be a whole new experience....Any way this site will soon be known as the new "Freedom Fighters"
and i always wanted to do a sprite comic arc about this so i'll be releasing a preview on dA tomorrow morning at about 9 am, I'll post the link at about …

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KT Studios Custom Spriters - Portal Icon_minitime2011-09-19, 10:33 by Krazy-KitsuneX
I'm gonna start using the forum more frequently.

To post sneak peeks and spoilers of future comics here. Expect one today probably.

- Kyle the Fox

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Wewt! New Background made by me, Check it out!
KT Studios Custom Spriters - Portal Icon_minitime2011-08-04, 10:04 by FlairxTheHedgehog
KT Studios Custom Spriters - Portal Sonic_10

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