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 Many Many changes!

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Many Many changes! Empty
PostSubject: Many Many changes!   Many Many changes! Icon_minitime2011-11-13, 00:29

Ok we've got a total of two forums now.
I'm running this one now and Kyle is running the other.
So I'm going to re-modernize this site, so that means:

• More comparability with the mobile version

•New Ranking System

• Permanent Site theme ( finally decided )

• Aaannnd less updates after this one!!!!

Demotion or Removal:
Ok what really would like to speak about is the new ranking system
from now on, you can only get ranked up by being active and I will be watching as well
The only people allowed to be inactive are the moderators
If you have been inactive for more than 4 months
You will be removed from the site.

Ok this is simple if you have been on this site for 1 month or more you will be promoted to the new Bronze Member rank
I am also removing the Original KT Studios rank and making it the Silver Member Rank
Mods will be Gold Members and Admins will be Platinum

These Updates will go into affect approximately at 8:30 am tomorrow.
That is all Razz
Flairx Out!
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Many Many changes!
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